In partnership with Food Craft Institute, the Pink Boots Society is pleased to announce its next 2016 scholarship opportunity.

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Food Craft Institute’s Business of Beer Master Course

Course Format: On-site Bay Area, CA, USA

Course Dates: Oct. 22 to Nov. 19, 2016 Wednesdays and Saturdays

Scholarship Application Window: June 5 – 30, 2015. Closes at 11:45 pm PDST.


Course Location: Oakland area, CA, USA

Apply Here:

Food Craft Institute’s Business of Beer is five-week long professional development course takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays beginning Oct. 22 and concluding Nov. 19, 2016 in the Oakland area. This scholarship is directed to women who plan to open a brewery within the next two years, are currently setting up a new brewery or want to dive deeper into the business of brewing. Please see below for Required Applicant Qualifications to see if you qualify.

Intensive Master Course is designed to give you the skills, knowledge and support you need to start your own successful craft beer business. It will provide a unique and in-depth education on craft beer through hands-on instruction from the best brewers in the Bay Area. This course will cover topics specifically designed for entrepreneurs seeking to build the necessary skills to run their own business and learn from the local community. Topics will be taught by leading brewpub owners and the Bay Area’s top microbreweries and include such subjects such as sourcing equipment and ingredients, what to expect with respect to permits, licenses and fees, and financing and marketing strategies. Attendees will learn how the experts financed their start-up businesses, handle employees and what is needed to keep them going and expanding. See last year’s Business of Beer schedule for additional information. Please note: you must be available to complete the entire series to receive the certificate. This course, as with all USA courses, will be offered in English only.

Required Applicant Qualifications: Any woman, anywhere in the world, who is actively employed in the beer industry and/or is planning to open a brewery within the next two years, or has secured a brewery location and/or equipment, and has a planned brewery opening day prior to January 1, 2019, is encouraged to apply. Women currently engaged in setting up their brewery or writing their brewery business plan will be given precedence in the selection process for this scholarship. Membership registration requirements are waived for women who do not currently earn an income from the brewing industry, but who qualify to apply for this scholarship as outlined above. Please note: you must be available to complete the entire series to receive the certificate.

Any woman who is actively employed the beer industry is eligible to apply for any Pink Boots Society scholarship and is automatically qualified for Pink Boots Society membership. Click here to join or to connect with us. 

Terms and Conditions:  Due to the nature of this course, the selection committee requires that the applicant must be 21 years of age or older.

All courses require a deposit of 50% of the course value to ensure course participation, completion and 100% passing rates for scholarship recipients. As a condition of accepting the scholarship, the recipient (or recipient’s employer) will pay a deposit in the amount of $600 USD to Pink Boots Society (or equivalent to PBS international chapters). Upon verifying successful completion of the course, the recipient (or recipient’s employer) will receive full deposit reimbursement in her native currency from Pink Boots Society. Please Note: If the recipient fails to successfully complete the course, the deposit will be forfeited and not reimbursed.

All PBS scholarships have a “Pay It Forward” requirement, where our scholarship recipients pay forward the knowledge they gained in their scholarship course. This is accomplished through either publishing an article or giving a speech at a national professional seminar or conference. Many recipients choose to Pay It Forward (PIF) at our highly anticipated PBS Great American Beer Festival (GABF) meeting & Education Seminar in Denver each autumn.

Best wishes to all applicants!

Please note that Scholarship Recipients are announced approximately six weeks after the scholarship application window closes. In this case, the recipient will be announced approximately August 15, 2016.